Vishwa Adarsha Academy

About Us

It is a matter of great honor for the Vishwa Adarsha family that Vishwa Adarsha Academy, Itahari, has stepped into the 24 years of the glorious march towards imparting quality education to the students, particularly in the Eastern region of Nepal. We proudly acknowledge the participation of the teachers, students, parents, and the general public to make this institution a center for academic excellence in this beautiful town. We feel proud to share our success that we have successfully produced some of the best minds in the country.

Our Vision
  • Developing curious, creative and confident students with a great sense of responsibility.

  • An inspirational and supportive experience delivering high student/ parent satisfaction and academic excellence.

  • Integrating arts and research as primary tools of education model to ensure our students endeavor in the 21st Century world.

  • To Rank among the top progressive, educational institution in the nation.

Our Philosophy
  • At Vishwa Adarsha, every child, regardless of their background or prior achievements, is given ample opportunities to collaborate with their peers and evolve. Also, teachers use various resources to help them be capable of contributing towards the betterment of the society.

  • We have set high expectations and standards for the entire organization and we are eager to help each student evolve to their best. We ensure that all students get equal opportunities and access to the curriculum and resources. Also, it is made sure that they are able to face day-to-day challenges positively.