School Life

In the classroom

Our students are expected to be inquisitive, curious and creative inside the classroom. Each class is designed to accommodate a small number of students so that every student has easy access to teacher and resources.

Our school follows grade teaching system from grades 1 to 5 with two teachers in a classroom. In grades 4 and 5, grade teachers are assisted by subject teachers. Our classrooms are cosy and well-ventilated and also consist of a carpet area for students to engage in various activities.

From grade 6 onwards, students move about different subject-classrooms to study different subjects. Each subject classroom is designed according to the requirement of subject matter and is full of learning aids that stimulate interest and facilitate better learning.

Beyond the classroom

We understand science and numeracy are important, however, physical activities, arts, dance, drama and music are also integral part of a child`s development. Extra and co-curricular activities help to develop the student as a whole.

Vocational Education

Students at each grade level learn a new vocational skill like cooking, baking, photography, fashion designing, etc.

Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts give children opportunities to explore, discuss and deal with difficult issues and to express their emotions in a supportive environment. Art/Craft, dance and drama are an integral part of our curriculum.


Our school encourages students to take part in all ECA activities and provides necessary resources and infrastructure for students to hone their skills properly. Our school has its own swimming pool, football ground, basketball court, and athletics track.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation enhance children`s flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Additionally, their concentration, sense of calm and relaxation improve. Doing yoga, children exercise, play and connect more deeply with the inner-self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them.


We advocate reading culture in our students as well as our school staff. Our school has a large library with more than 5,000 books. Students in primary wing have classroom library.


Our school has a fully equipped auditorium with a capacity of 400 individuals and is available for school events.


The school operates a large cafeteria for students and school staff. School meals are prepared on site and they offer a fully nutritional and balanced diet. Lunch and mid-day meal are served to all students of junior grades. Senior students can purchase food from the canteen.

A digital school

Every classroom in our school is equipped with projector and Smartboard and is powered by Educomp Smartclass. Students are able to sharpen their knowledge about complex subject matter with the help of animations and other graphic tools. Every student is encouraged to use the Smartboard themselves.

Our school also has a large computer lab with 30 computers. All computer classes take place at the computer lab. Our school also possesses an English Language Lab, which has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the education requirements of English language learners from grades 1 to 10. It offers a self-paced environment that allows users to correct mistakes, practice correct pronunciation and move on towards coaching in public speaking with confidence.

Our school uses a school management software to communicate with school community. The software provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of our institution.

Educomp Smartclass

Educomp Smartclass is the industry pioneer in using rich multimedia content as a teaching tool inside classrooms all over the world. It’s a revolutionary inside-the-classroom technology leveraging a large repository of digital content across virtually all subjects, from kindergarten to grade 12. Educomp Smartclass has been endorsed by in-depth tests from Dun & Bradstreet. D&B’s database contains information on more than 235 million companies across 200 countries worldwide.

We aim to create a caring environment in which children feel happy, secure and confident, and are able to learn how to read and write, how to discover, how to play together and how to make things.

Care, support and security

Care and Counseling

We strive to foster the skill of each and every child so that they are able to carve their niche in this world. We also expect that each child should develop a positive self-image as well as value and respect for each other as individuals. Counseling is a major disciplinary tool at our school. We believe in treating children as young adults and listening to them with utmost care and concern. We also need parental

support to ensure that children become independent, self-disciplined, and responsible as this behaviour benefits the society as a whole.


All teachers monitor the progress of children in their class, and where appropriate the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator is involved in identifying specific needs and providing relevant interventions.  These special needs may arise in children as a result of learning difficulties, or emotional or behavioural issues.


We are aware of the need for a safe and secure environment, and the school has installed security systems and CCTV at the entrance near the classrooms, and at different locations around the school site. This allows us to monitor the whole site from the school office.


The school provides transport facility to the students through its own buses bringing in the students from different localities to the school and vice versa. Bus charges have to be paid along with the school fees. Seat belts have been arranged for ensuring students safety. Children enjoy different educational videos in the bus. Our buses are comfortable and we follow one seat one child policy. All buses do a double shift.