Message From Principal

Ganesh Kumar Dulal

Vishwa Adarsha School is founded with a firm belief that school education is critical for a child and the kind of environment we provide to our child at these early stages will determine their future and the future of our society at large.

We believe a child learns best when he/ she feels happy and safe. At our school your child will definitely be loved, cared for, protected, respected and adored.

They will develop a homelike relationship with us, where they will openly share their feelings, appreciate both successes and failures, discover their own learning styles and competencies, and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Yes, they will be sad sometimes, but they will learn to overcome this sadness and start smiling again. They will get angry, but they will justify this anger and make themselves emotionally stronger. They will make mistakes, but they will learn from these mistakes and become more confident.

I hope your child starts this amazing journey of life at Vishwa Adarsha School.

Mr. Ganesh Dulal