Itahari, the city we have showcased beside can be seen to be a young bride to the visitors. The natural beauty and artistic richness of Taltalaiya, Kabyabatika, Ocean – park, Gokulam and Hasina simsar all landscape in an around Itahari have attracted many people.

Over the years, department stores, shopping centers, coffee houses and I Cinema, to mention a few, have expanded the dynamics of peoples life. The Itaharians, because they live in a multiethnic society, are blessed with rich cultural flavour. So, the sensation and excitement they create during festive occasions is always worth watching. The festivals 1-loli, Chhath and Teej are said to be the most photographed events in the city. There is literally something for everyone at almost any time during the day.

Itahari, these days hailed as the potential capital of the federal state in the east, has a brighter tomorrow. Business tycoons are erecting towering building. Academicians are spending countless hours and capital in shaping the dynamics of quality education. Youths are working together to make the city clean and green through KIC campaign. Creative writers are writting in its history. Unmatched with any of its contemporaries, Itahari has drawn on the essence of sophistication of modernzation to serve the growing needs and comfort of the people.

Vishwa Adarsha, acclaimed as a leading institution in the eastern part of Nepal, is one of the most precious academic riches of the city. With an English medium school in the bosom, the institution is well set to begin another chapter in the field of education.

Since this is a prospectus which describes an institution, many things about the city are left half said, Yet, one thing is for sure, whatever your interest in this growing town, taking a closer look at Itahari can be and enchanting experience.